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My Daily Routine (Spanish): Home


Creating Your Toon Doo

1. Choose "Create Toon" under the "Toons" Category.

2. You may need to make 2 separate Toon Doos to fit all 8 of your squares.

My Daily Routine Directions

You will create a cartoon about your daily routine using  You will need to include the following:

2 written sentences per box (includes compound sentences)

10 reflexive verbs total and they need to be different 

6 grooming items (like toothpaste, brush, etc.)

4 different body parts

4  different sequencing words

2 reflexive verbs used with another verb (like necesito ducharme)






Growth Needed

Language control

Sentences have no errors in grammar.

Few grammar or vocabulary errors that do not interfere with communication.

Noticeable grammar or vocabulary errors that begin to interfere with communication.

So many errors that communication is impaired.

Task Completion

Goes beyond expectations.

Uses all components listed above.

Uses most components listed above.

Uses some components listed above.


All slides contained background, characters, and props.

Some slides are missing either background, characters, or props.

Several slides are missing either background, characters, or props.

No effort was made, slides only contain dialog. 


Toon Doo Website

Sign Up

1. Click on "sign up for free".

2. Create a username and use your student id # as your password. Use your school email account which ends in .net.

3. You may log in after registering.