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Orchestra: Research Project Page

Click above to access NoodleTools!

 1. Create a Project in Noodle Tools titled: Last Name(s)-Song

2. Share your project. Choose your correct hour! Example: teacher's name-Grade

3. Correctly add each source to your works cited. (Min. 2 sources)

4. Cite each of the pictures you use in your project.

Important Dates:

*Research in Noodle Tools is Due Friday, Feb 7th by 11:59 PM-Every Group member must contribute to research

*Storyboard/Script/Action Plan due Friday, Feb. 28th by the end of School Day -written out & shown to Mrs. Harvey or Mr. Green

*Practice and work meetings during Flex class at least 2X-Confirm dates with Mrs. Harvey

*Presentation Tips and Editing time Friday, Mar. 27th during class in the library with Mrs. Harvey

*Final Presentation due Fri., Apr. 10th by the end of class


"Hotaka Sunset" by Keiko Yamada (Larry Clark)

"Gargoyles" by Doug Spata

2 sources minimum & notes need to cover the following:

1. Biographical Information about Composer/Arranger

2. Historical Information about piece/genre

3. What skills does it require?

4. What does a musician gain from learning the piece?


-2-5 minutes

-Biographical information about the composer/arranger

-Historical information about the piece or genre

-Pedagogical information-What skills does it require for performance, scales, altered fingerings, etc.?

-What does a musician gain from learning the given piece of music?

-Every group member must speak

-All sources (including pictures) are cited and included in your presentation