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Noodle Tool Review-Current Event: Noodle Tools

Students will review and practice the research gathering tool, NoodleTools. 

Students will identify a valid source and cite it in MLA format using Noodle Tools.


Noodle Tools Project Set-Up

1. Create Project in Noodle Tools: Title: Last Name, First Name--Legit Source

2. Citations in MLA format and Jr. Level

3. Insert your research question: Can I cite a source in Noodle Tools?

4. Share your project with the correct inbox: Social Studies' Teacher's Last Name-Hr-Legit Source

Ex. Erker Hr 2 Legit Source

5. Click on Sources and Select New Source

6. Select Website and then Webpage

7. Cite the legit (correct) webpage by including: URL, Date of Publication, Date of Access, Author, Webpage Title, Website Name, and Publisher if it is different from the website.


Website Evaluation

1. Which one is the official website of the United States Whitehouse? How do you know?

2. Which site is better if you want to donate money to save an animal? Why?

3. If you could no longer take care of your dog, where would you want it to go? Why?

4. Which site provides better information about bread? Why?

5. Which site would be better to buy headwear?