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Medical Conditions - Bio Final: Home


The Premise:

A close friend or family member has recently been diagnosed with a disease.  They are too distraught to learn about the disease and they are asking you to find out more information.  You will need to be honest in answering their questions to help them learn their new normal.  They have a lot questions, but while you research you may discover some additional information that they will need to know.

The overall process:

1. Choose a medical condition 

2. Create a NoodleTools project and share

3. Research & Create notecards

4. Create final presentation



Day 1 (Dec. 21/22) - introduction, explore topics, create and share NoodleTools

*Day 1 submission requirement in Canvas

Day 2 (Jan. 4/5) - NoodleTools notecards overview & begin research

*Day 2 submission requirement in Canvas

Day 3 (Jan. 6/7) - Finish research

*Day 3 submission requirement in Canvas (all notecards due) - add screenshots of final 4 notecards to Google Slides notecard check that you began on Day 2 (8 notecards on 8 slides must be submitted)

Day 4 (Jan. 8/11) - Begin planning final presentation & creating video

*Day 4 submission requirement in Canvas (planning guide due)

Day 5 (Jan. 12, short class periods) - Finish final video

*Day 5 submission requirement in Canvas

- TikTok, iMovie, Studio, etc. video due through Studio

- WeVideo can submit link by following the directions found here