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Informative Research HELA9 - Binger: Home


Choose an issue affecting teens and conduct research over the topic, culminating in an informative research paper.  You must use a minimum of three sources:  two database and one website.

Your notecards should address three topics:

  1. The history of the issue.  How did it start?  How has this changed over time?
  2. What problem does this present for our society?  Why is this concerning?
  3. What is a solution that could help this?  (Choose one to focus on.)

Library Work Days:

Day 1:  Create NoodleTools project; share with teacher;  begin database research

Day 2:  Website research and entering into Noodletools; continue research and locating sources

Day 3: Notecard example; continue research; begin work on notecards

Day 4:  Continue work on notecards (research should be finished and sources entered into NoodleTools)

Notecard Instructions

Citing Sources

Paraphrasing Review

Database Resources

*the database LINK that you include in your note cards is found in different places.  If you have any questions about copying the correct URL, please ask! (EBSCO = permalink; GVRL = get link; SIRS = copy URL at the top of the article page)

Website Research

**When entering a website into Noodletools, each field must be entered manually.  Include AS MUCH information as possible...omitted information is like a wrong entry.