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Civil War Research & Presentation Resources: Home

Project Ideas

  • Create a set of trading cards for the important leaders (political and/or military) associated with the Civil War.   

    • Must include: at least 10 cards, 3 different facts on each subject, and a picture of the subject.

  • Compare and contrast President Lincoln and President Davis

    • Can present the info in whatever format you choose

    • Include information about their early life, their education, their political background, and their leadership styles

    • Write a paragraph explaining which man you think is a better president and provide at least three reasons why

  • Track Lincoln’s changing and evolving position on slavery from his early view (pre-presidency) to post-Emancipation Proclamation

    • Can choose to do a timeline, chart, or short essay

    • Incorporate a minimum of three concrete examples supporting your position, such as quotations made by Lincoln and/or other facts that support your position

    • Two useful sources of documents pertaining to Lincoln and slavery

  • Make a set of graphs comparing the North & South in the Civil War. 

    • Include the advantages and disadvantages for each side. 

    • Compare the number of people, soldiers, factories, farms and other important facts. 

    • Write one paragraph (5-8 sentences) to describe the conclusions you can draw from your graphs about causes and effects of the Civil War. 

  • Create a timeline of 10 important events from the Civil War, beginning with secession and ending with the surrender at Appomattox. 

    • Write a detailed description (at least one complete sentence) of each event. 

    • Include at least one picture for each event. 

    • I recommend using a Google slides presentation to display your timeline, but you can also hand write it on paper.

  • Do a radio broadcast or ‘breaking news program’ of a battle or major political event that took place during the Civil War times. 

    • Must be a video

    • Should be at least 2-3 minutes long

    • Include facts and details - army leaders involved, location, date, outcome, military maneuvers, weapons used; politicians involved, when the event occurred, why the political event is significant, consequences or outcomes of the event

  • Create a series of maps from 1861-1865 showing the success or failure of the Anaconda Plan

    • Include a paragraph for each map explaining the successes or failures  

  • Research the new military weapons and equipment used during the Civil War. 

    • Draw or collect pictures and write a brief description of each.

    • Explain in a paragraph (or two) how the variety of the many new inventions of weaponry during the Civil War changed modern warfare at the time.

  • Identify and research 2 important women OR 2 important African Americans during the Civil War. 

    • Create a Google slides presentation with at least 8 slides, with 4 slides for each important person. 

      • One slide must include a one-paragraph summary (5-8 sentences) for each person’s role and significance in the Civil War. 

  • Write a journal entry pretending you are a soldier or a civilian in either the North or the South

    • Provide a historically accurate date and location (for example: July 4, 1863 near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

    • Include a paragraph describing the key events or battles of the war so far

    • Include a paragraph describing your experiences as either a soldier or civilian during one of the battles described earlier (include facts and details related to the experience)

    • Include a sketch that relates to something you wrote about in the journal

Creation Tools

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