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Cell Analogy Project: Template

1. Make a Copy of Cell Analogy Project 

2. Change Share Settings to Anyone with Link

3. Link to                            -->Cell Analogy Project

4. Confirm with Teacher that you've submitted correctly to Canvas.

Directions for Project

  • Decide the theme of your cell analogy. Be creative. Choose a concept that you can easily compare to a cell. Do not choose a city; this is our class example. Here are some other ideas:

    • School

    • Amusement park

    • Football Game

  • Complete slide 9 to display your general theme.

  • Create analogies for at least seven organelles that match your theme on the templates provided (slides 10-20). 

  • Each slide must include a photo that represents the analogy.

    • Note: You can click Insert > Image > Search the Web within this document to find photos.
  • You must include at least two sentences that explain your analogy. Include the function of the organelle and how it relates to your analogy (see the examples on slides 6-7).

  • Proper spelling and grammar should be used. 

  • Delete any unused slides before turning in your project.