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1960s Gallery Walk and Annotated Bibliography: Home


In groups, students rotate through four stations with specific tasks.  See the tabs above for information.  

At each station, students will cite the source in Noodletools and write a paragraph that will be included in Noodletools for an Annotated Bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography Overview

1.  Create a new project in Noodletools.  Choose MLA style and Advanced for the level.

2. Once in the project, you will only focus on the Sources tab.  

3.  To add a citation, click NEW SOURCE.  Follow the directions at each station for citation information.

4.  Below the citation information in Noodletools locate the Annotation box.  This is where you include your paragraph about the source.  

5.  Click the Annotated Bibliography tab for details about how to turn in to Canvas.


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