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Greek Mythology Research - Binger: Home


Assignment Guidelines

You must use a minimum of two sources:  1 database and 1 website

Information to include about your god/goddess:

  1. Name and symbol
  2. Power
  3. Place in the Pantheon
  4. Family history
  5. Famous legend / myth

Library Work Days:

Day 1, Monday, 11/18: Introduce assignment/libguide, create NoodleTools project and share with teacher, begin database research

Day 2, Wednesday, 11/20 OR Thursday, 11/21: Continue database research, begin website research


Website Research

**When entering a website into Noodletools, each field must be entered manually.  Include AS MUCH information as possible...omitted information is like a wrong entry.

Useful Databases

*the database LINK that you include in your note cards is found in different places.  If you have any questions about copying the correct URL, please ask! (EBSCO = permalink; GVRL = get link)

Notecard Instructions

Citing Sources

Paraphrasing Review