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Anthem Philosophy Research Project - Binger: Home


Information to include:

  1. Explain your philosophy and provide details.
  2. Provide an example of your philosophy used in a government.

Notecard Due Date:  October 13


1. Create a project: Title + MLA + Advanced

2.  Dashboard: Share with a project inbox:  "Binger, hour X, Philosophy Research"

3. Enter sources

4. Create Notecards

Paraphrasing Review

Use this presentation to help you review methods for paraphrasing your information.

In-Text Citation Review

Use this presentation to review the rules for how to create an in-text citation.

Database Research

*the database LINK that you include in your note cards is found in different places.  If you have any questions about copying the correct URL, please ask! (EBSCO = permalink, GVRL = get link, SIRS = can be grabbed from the top)

Website Research

**When entering a website into Noodletools, each field must be entered manually.  Include AS MUCH information as possible...omitted information is like a wrong entry.