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Travel Our Solar System: Discover New Creatures

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Database Passwords

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.

Domain-Specific Vocabulary:

adapt: make something suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.

atmosphere: gases surrounding a star or planetary body.

characteristic: a feature or quality; an appearance that makes an individual or a group different from others.

revolve: to move around the Sun; orbit.

rotate: the spinning of a planet on its axis.

radius: any of the line segments from its center to its perimeter of a circle or sphere

diameter: the length of the line through the center that touches two points on the edge of the circle or sphere. The diameter is twice the length of the radius of a circle.

Do other beings exist in the universe?

How do they survive in such extreme conditions?

What kind of adaptations do they have to develop to live on a different planet?

Your Objectives:

Day 1: Research a planet in our solar system and gather information about the different environments on the planet.

Day 2 & 3: Design a creature that could survive all of the harsh conditions on your assigned planet.

*Think about different animals on Earth and all of the different ways they have adapted to live in extreme environments.

Resources To Use

Check out how some animals have adapted to their environments in order to find food and survive harsh weather conditions.

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