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Library Arrangement Design Thinking Project: Home

Project Guidelines

You may work in a group or independently to design a new library and/or Maker Space arrangement. Our LMS library will only have 10 desktop computers. Where should they be located? We currently have three flexible shelving units by the main entrance to the library. Two additional flexible shelving units just arrived. A flexible seating brochure may be used in your new arrangement. What are some other additions you would like to see at our LMS library.? You may create your design on your computer using programs you learned in Pre-Engineering, create 3-D designs, a poster or any other creative way to showcase your ideas! We will select two or three presentations that will be given to Mr. Legleiter. Be creative and have fun!

Flexible Seating Brochure

21st Century Furniture Catalog

Braden Flexible Seating Quote

Pictures of Chair and Footstool