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Writing a Podcast Outline - ELA 12: Home

Assignment Information

1. Compose the first draft of your audio script in Google Docs. Title it Last Name, First Name_Podcast Outline_Hour. Store it in the Podcast Research subfolder of your ELA 12 Semester 2 Google Drive folder.

Remember:  Include MLA parenthetical citations when you either quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from one of your notecards.

Note: You must include information from at least four different legitimate sources that you have cited in your NoodleTools project, but you may not necessarily integrate all ten notecards.

2. From your NoodleTools dashboard, click Sources. Export your Works Cited page as a Google Doc.  Copy and paste your Works Cited page as the separate, final page of your documented audio script.

3. Submit your audio script as a pdf on Canvas.

Podcast Examples