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Ancient China: Trivia Game Cards

1. Britannica is the BEST!!--Database

2. Ancient History Encyclopedia--Website/Webpage

3.Go Rogue--Check Source 1st--Website/Webpage

1. Login to Noodle Tools  

2. Title- Last name, First Name--Chinese Invention

Ex. Wayne, John--Gun Powder

3. Share with Social Studies teacher

4. Cite at least 1 source before taking notes

Database-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Website-->Pull Information and plug into the correct fields--How To Video


At least 1 Sources cited correctly in NT

1 Notecard: 

Title: Invention

Paraphrase & Summary: 6 to 8 facts

My Ideas: 5 Clues

  • Write five clues that describe your invention.
  • Use the facts you found in your research
  • Write in complete sentences

Works Cited & Note Card Due: End of Class Friday, Jan. 20th

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