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Final Presentation

Option A: Your task is to create a website designed to answer the following essential question: Is the United States currently experiencing a new Gilded Age? 

Your website will include tabs comparing the following problems of the Gilded Age to similar problems facing the United States today. 


Problems of the Gilded Age: Monopolies, political corruption, poor working conditions, income inequality, technology, boom and bust cycles of capitalism (Great Depression vs. Great Recession) 

For each page on your website, compare the Gilded Age to today utilizing cause and effect thinking. For example: What caused monopolies in the Gilded Age? What causes monopolies today? What are the effects of monopolies? 


Option B: Your task is to create a Monopoly-style board game tracing the economic history of the United States, from 1865 to the present.

You must include AT LEAST 10 major events on your board game path. Options are as follows: Transcontinental Railroad completion (1869), Panic of 1873, Interstate Commerce Act (1887), Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890), Panic of 1893, Election of 1896, Panic of 1907, Creation of the Federal Reserve (1913), 16th Amendment to the Constitution (1913), Federal Trade Commission Act (1914), World War One, Roaring Twenties, Stock market crash (1929), Great Depression (1929-1941), The New Deal (1933-1941), World War Two (1941-1945), Consumer culture of the 1950s, Bracero program (1942-1964), Interstate highway system (1956), Defense spending (1950-1990), Oil crisis (1973), Stagflation (1970s), Reaganomics (1981-1993), Dot com crash (2000-2002), Bush tax cuts (2001), Great Recession (2007-2009) 


Each of these events/developments should be described and explained in terms of cause and effect. For example: What caused the Great Recession? What were its effects? 


Here are some ideas for your board game to spice things up: Create chance cards for your board game describing events that effect your game pieces. Game pieces can include: wealthy industrialist, small business owner, farmer, factory worker, lawyer, doctor, stock broker, engineer, inventor, etc. 

Designing a Game?

Research Assignment

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Website Resources

You will use Wix to create this website.  Create an account using your Blue Valley email (if you don't already have a Wix account).

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