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Choir: Research Project Page

For our Spring Showcase, you will collaborate with a group to create a Digital Presentation on one of the pieces that we will perform.  

Written Program Notes (50 points)     - individual

Driving Question Group Discussion (50 points) - group

Digital Program Notes  (50 points) - individual

Program Note Presentation (50 points) – group

Click above to access NoodleTools!

 1. Create a Project in Noodle Tools titled: Last Name, First Name-Choir Song

2. Share your project. Choose your correct hour! Example: teacher's name-Hour

3. Correctly add each source to your works cited. (Min. 2 sources)

4. Cite each of the pictures you use in your project.

Copy the Program Notes and rename them Last Name, First Name-Song Title

Turn the notes into Canvas by following the directions below:

·        In your Google Doc-click SHARE in the top right corner

·        Click ADVANCED

·        Click CHANGE

·        Change the setting to “On, anyone with the link”

·        Click Save

·        Click Done

·        Go to Canvas

·        Choir

·        Assignments

·        Program Notes Research

·        Click Submit Assignment

·        Select Google Drive Tab

·        Search for your notes

·        Click submit assignment

·        DONE

   Do NOT Submit a website URL

1st Hour-“Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie” by Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, Arr. by Moira Smiley

3rd Hour-“Lift Up Your Voice”, Words and Music by Victor C. Johnson

7th Hour-“Bonse Aba”, traditional Zambian Folk Song, Arr. by Victor C. Johnson

9th Hour-“Oh Danny Boy,” Old Irish Air, Words by Fred E. Weatherly, Arr. by Julie Knowles