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7th Grade Informational Research: Home


    What in the World?  

            This question creates astonishment or disbelief.  Our world can be a crazy place!  Your job is to explore an intriguing topic.  Be a reporter and dig deep within the topic to learn new and timely information.  Discover. Investigate. Uncover the facts from fiction.  

Topic Exploration

Use the links to browse topics of interest.  Please note:  some topics may be controversial and provoke strong emotion.  Consider your bias.  Do you feel strongly in favor or against a specific topic?  If yes, are you willing to consider the other side of the issue in order to write an informational article that explains both sides of an issue?  If NOT, then choose a different topic. 

What in the World?

Research Content

Part 1:  Get an overview of the topic.  Try to answer the 5W's in detail.  Who? What? When? Where? Why?


Part 2:  Dig deeper.  Ask your own questions.  Provide evidence.  Share all sides of a topic.  Address myths or questions.