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Book Trailers

Wild Fire - badddddd example

Time Zero - good example

Trust - good example

Planning Guide

Book Trailer Creation

1.  Video Concept:

What’s inherently fascinating, timely or socially relevant about your book? Perhaps there’s an unusual setting or character? What are the stakes? What is the genre/tone? What’s the core conflict or emotion? Who’s your audience? Is there an element of surprise or reversal that defies your reader’s expectations and compels them to want to know more?

2.  Format:

How will you structure your trailer? Will it be live action, animation, documentary style, found footage, or a collage of images set to music?

3. Write the script:

Your script will be your creative blueprint. Keep it short—the ideal length for a video is 90-180 seconds. Write out the action and dialogue. What do we see and hear? Don’t forget the call-to-action at the end of the video, i.e. how to access the story, more info, etc.  Also - NO SPOILERS!

4. Pre-production

Allow enough prep time before production to make sure you know what you know what you need to do for your trailer, and you have gathered any necessary supplies.

5. Production:

Your job is to make sure your vision/script is being executed, as planned, but you should also be open to creative direction.

6. Post-production:

This encompasses the editing phase and screenings for people you trust until you’re happy with the result and lock the video for distribution.  ALWAYS preview your video before you submit it in order to ensure that the audio sounds good, voiceovers can be clearly heard, pictures aren't pixilated, etc..

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Submission Directions