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Teen Advisory Group--Book Club

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Canvas TAG Group-Discussions

Read and review each title.  Write your review on the Canvas TAG discussion board.  Your review isn’t a summary. Write a short blurb about what you liked, didn’t like, and whether the book should be a T12.  Include a star rating out of 5.


TAG Books at JOCO Library

Sign-up for Reminders of meetings @ voting!

7th Gr. code:  f87kf

8th Gr. code: f28ecg


Meeting Dates

7th Gr. 8th Gr.
8/30/18 8/30/18
10/23/18 10/10/18
11/15/18 11/8/18
12/4/18 12/4/18
1/15/19 1/23/19
2/21/19 3/6/19
3/28/19 3/28/19
4/24/19 4/16/19