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Assignment Overview

Following the arrest of a serial killer or cult leader, the question is always asked: How did this person become a serial murderer? How did they become a cult leader? The answer lies in the development of the individual from birth to adulthood. Specifically, the behavior a person displays is influenced by life experiences, as well as certain biological factors. Serial murderers and cult leaders, like all human beings, are the product of their heredity, their upbringing, and the choices they make throughout development. This project will allow you to dive deep into the life of a serial murderer or cult leader.

Before choosing your subject, do a little research.  Try and find a person who has first, been caught (being caught gives investigators a chance to study the person).  Example, one of the most infamous serial killers is “Jack the Ripper”.  Even though he has been written about, everything is hypothetical because he was never caught.

Library Schedule:

  • Day 1, 2/20 & 2/21: Set up NT project; review libdguide and notes templates; begin research
  • Day 2, 2/22 & 2/23: Continue Research
  • Day 3, 2/26: Introduce & begin working on final product.

Due Dates:

  • Research Outline Due:
    • end of day, Thursday, 2/22 for 4th hour, submitted to Canvas
    • end of day, Friday, 2/23 for 7th hour, submitted to Canvas
  • Infographic Due:
    • end of day, Wednesday, 2/28 for 7th hour, submitted to Canvas
    • end of day, Thursday, 2/29 for 4th hour, submitted to Canvas

Final Submission

  1. Your case study will be submitted in the format of an infographic.  You must condense your information so that it fits into a single infographic.  In doing so, you must still be sure to cover all 5 parts of your chosen project.
  2. Your infographics must include images and/or illustrations and be visually pleasing and well organized.
  3. Include an MLA works cited page (added as 2nd page of infographic)
    • Your information from sources should be noted in your infographic with a number in parenthesis (1) that correlates with the numbered source in your works cited page
  4. Download infographic as a PDF and upload to Canvas.

Assignment templates (for submission)



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