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Vietnam & Iraq: Home


Your task is to research the Vietnam War (1964-1973) OR the Iraq War (2003-2011).  You will need to create 7 NoodleTools' note cards with the following titles:

Causes: What was the underlying cause(s) of the conflict? What was the "spark"?

How the war was fought (tactics and strategy): What tactics/technology was used during the conflict?  

Public opinion: What was American public opinion about the conflict? How did public opinion change over time? 

War crimes/atrocities: What war crimes/atrocities were committed by American soldiers? How did these war crimes/atrocities affect the public?

The "enemy" (remember complexity): Who was the enemy? How was the enemy similar/different from previous enemies of the United States? 

Government lies: What lies/mistruths did the government tell throughout the conflict? 

Results/outcome of the conflict: How did the conflict end? What lessons were learned by the United States? 

Note cards

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