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Cold War - WeVideo Directions 


Wevideo is available to all students and teachers through a web browser.  


iMovie is available on the library computers and iPads.  Make note of the computer you use - you will need to return to it each day to work.  

Steps for Green Screen

Watch this video and read the steps on this page to answer questions you may have about creating a green screen effect using WeVideo. 

Green Screen Effect using WeVideo


Getting Started


  • Go to
  • Click Sign In.
  • Choose Log In with Google.
  • Enter your Blue Valley username and password.


STEP 2 - Before you create a video follow, these steps to collaborate.

Since you are working with others, you can make it so they can edit the video too (just not at the same time).

Create a Project

  • One person in the group will need to create a new project. (Projects tab > + button)
  • Name the project and select Collaborative.
  • Either provide the link to your group members or add them by name.  
  • You will not have any media to add.  Ignore this part and choose Next.


STEP 3 - NOW start your video creation.





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