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A Cold War Tour: Home


Using google tour builder, you will create a visual guide of the “hotspots” during the Cold War (1947-1963).

Include the following locations:

  • Berlin
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Suez Canal
  • Iran
  • China
  • Korea (38th parallel)
  • Hungary
  • Guatemala
  • Cuba
  • Berlin wall


  • Make sure your tour is in chronological order (note the list above is not).
  • Provide an image from the Cold War era of the location (1 image per location!).
    • The description of the image should include specific information on what Cold War event took place AND its significance.
  • Include a minimum of three video clips throughout your tour
  • Include specific vocabulary from the Cold war (see handout) - highlight or bold terms!
  • Include an MLA works cited page (will be submitted in Canvas)


Google Tour Builder


View the short tutorial below to make sure you submit your Tour correctly!