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7th Grade Genetics: Home

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Passwords (from home)

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Make the following notecards in your project:


What is it? (1-2 notecards)

How does it work?  (1-2 notecards)

Cost? (1 notecard)

Pros (3 notecards)

Cons (3 notecards)

Possible Topics

The following issues are currently under debate:

  • Cloning

  • Gene Therapy

  • Genetically Modified Organisms/Foods (GMOs)

  • The Creation of a DNA Database (DNA Fingerprinting)

  • Pre- & Postnatal Genetic Testing (Newborns and adults)

  • Gene Doping

  • Designer Babies


With respect to the given aspects of genetics, how should federal funding for each of the research topics be allotted?


Everybody has an opinion. What is yours? Why should more funding be allocated to one of these topics? Should one or more receive no funding at all? 






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