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6th Grade Volcanoes: Home

Volcano Links

Databases for Science Articles


Citation Machine if you should need it!


What is a citation?

A citation gives credit to the source you used for your research - it's a thank you note to the creator.  It's also a map for your teacher so they know how to check your source if they have a question about your information.

What is MLA?

MLA, or Modern Language Association, is a style used when crediting or formatting information.  MLA is the format we use at Harmony Middle School.


When do you need to use Citation Machine?

If you are using a book in the library catalog or an article from a database your citation will already be created for you.  Otherwise, you will need to use Citation Machine to create your citation.  Click on the link above.


Giant Undersea Volcano Revealed

Volcano Assignment for Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Zhou

After reading the four articles on volcanoes, write a one page paper in which you argue whether volcanoes are more constructive or destructive.  Support your position with evidence from the articles.



Documents for Assignment

Mr. and Mrs. Hassig in Costa Rica in front of an active volcano!

Volcano Books in Harmony's Library