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Use a device with a QR reader or click on the QR code above to go to and create a QR code for your Presentme.  Once you've created the QR code you can save it to a word document and print it out.  Cut it out and place it on the butterfly poster! This way we can all learn about your butterfly species!

Useful Links for Biodiversity Research

Cool and Fun Links for Biodiversity



1. Finish research.  2. Prepare Storyboard for PP.  3. Create your PP and save it in your folder.  4. Use Knovio - in order to use Knovio you will need to sign up. Please use First Name, Last Initial, your student email, and your student/lunchroom ID as your password. You're role is a "student."  Finally, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom.  5. Upload your PP into and video tape yourself presenting the PP!  For a link to a "How to use Knovio" movie please see below.  

Global Issues, Science in Context, and Gale Virtual Library

Butterfly Species?

You have $100 to give to a non-for-profit endangered species organization.  Which animal do you give the money to?

Butterfly Species?
California Condor: 7 votes (7.14%)
Red Wolf: 11 votes (11.22%)
Coral Reefs: 20 votes (20.41%)
Great White Shark: 7 votes (7.14%)
Equally split the donation between the 4 species.: 53 votes (54.08%)
Total Votes: 98

Want to Read "Sound of Thunder" Again?

Click on the T-Rex!

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Don't Step on the Butterfly - READ!

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