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The Underground Railroad and The House of Dies Drear: Home

Being a passenger on the UGRR at HMS Library

You are going to travel to 3 stations learning about the Underground Railroad.  You may use your notes and everything you learn at the stations to answer the questions on the UGRR Worksheet.  Conductors are here to help you so don't be afraid to ask for help.  Here are your questions and note that you must give evidence as to where you found the information.  Document your sources.  Can you have more than 1 source?  Absolutely, and make sure that you use all 3 stations and your notes at least once.

1. What was the Underground Railroad?

2. What dangers did slaves face as they traveled through the Underground Railroad?

3. How did they travel safely from one "station" to another?

4. What was the role of the conductors of the Underground Railroad?  Name at least one conductor that your learned about?

Interactive UGRR Site - Station 1

You are a slave - take the journey!

Cool Artifacts at the Kansas State Historical Society


Click on photos to see who these famous Kansans were!

More Amazing Underground RR Books

Underground RR Titles in the HMS Library

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