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A Wrinkle in Time: Presentation Tools

Google Docs

Login to your BV email and go to Google Drive, choose Create, Document.

1 person in your group should begin a new Google Doc.  Give it a title where it says untitled Document.  Then, go to File, Share.  Enter the email addresses of the members in your group.  Leave them set to edit.  Once you're finished entering the email addresses (typos will not get you anywhere!), click the blue send button.  GD will send an invitation to join the group.  You have now created your first collaborative document. Changes can be made by all users simultaneously and are saved automatically.

Never erase someone else's work on a shared document

Find your own space in which to type.  Don't type over someone else.  



Google Slides

Login to your BV email and go to Google Drive, Create, New Presentation



Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas.



emaze is the next generation of online presentation software. Simply select any of our professionally designed free presentation templates to easily create an amazing visual experience for your audience. emaze features a proprietary state of the art HTML5 presentation maker that will create the slideshows, video presentations and even 3D presentations that you always dreamed of.



Tackk is a simple way to create beautiful pages on the web. It's your very own page, flyer, blog post, or poster.



Knovio® is an innovative tool for turning PowerPoint® slides into rich video presentations, simply and easily, on desktop and mobile devices. With Knovio, you can take static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime on-demand and shared with others through email and social media.