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Orientation PSMS Library: Home

Using your student email and Google Apps

1)   If we do not have a technology consent form on file for you, your email and google apps will be turned off later in September and you will not be able to       bring in your devices to use at school during BYOD activities.  Check to see if we have your form!  If not, take one home and bring it back ASAP!   

2)   Next, make sure that you know how to access your student email and google docs. 

Go to 

You will use your bv username and computer password

Your student email is really a gmail account.  The BEST way to access it from the link on the PSM home page -- BV Student Email right under Student Vue

Or you can go through gmail.  If you go through gmail you will actually login 2 different times.

On the gmail page type your bv email then your BV computer password

This will redirect to you to the BV login page.  

3)   Send an email to your ELA/Reading Teacher telling them to have a great weekend!

teachers email addresses are

student email addresses are

4)    Next check out Google Drive!  From your email look up into the right corner you will see a black and white grid of 9 dots ... Click on  those to go to google       drive.  Google Drive is like one big file cabinet for your docs.  Check out the "Shared with Me" option on the left hand side.  You should see our 6th grade       folder.  Click on it. What do  you discover?  

5)   Now Click on the red button that says Create in the top left corner and choose document.  Go in and play       around with it for a minute.  

6)  gIve your document a title -- Your first name and your favorite animal You'llfind this in the top left corner where it says untitled document.  Click there to       type.

7)   Add your name in the body of the document

8)   Change the font, size and color.  

The great thing about Google docs is that they autosave and keeps track of all your revisions so it's very hard to lose anything!  Plus, you can use google drive from any internet enabled device at school, home, anywhere!  There are free apps you can download for your smart devices too. 


All About Me

Say Cheese!

With your group head over to the pic station to get your pic taken!  You can have a serious and a silly!  

Tech Go or Tech No?

How are you at using technology?  Do you like to jump in and figure things out?  Do you like learning new apps? Can you help others? Or does technology give you a headache?  

Tech Go or Tech No?
Tech Go!: 88 votes (69.29%)
Tech No!: 6 votes (4.72%)
Tech IDK: 33 votes (25.98%)
Total Votes: 127

Brain Break! Get up & Move it!

That's right!  Time to shake it out!  Get up & move your body!

Use the library catalog!

After you watch this video, go to the library catalog and look for a book from this list.

Printing on the library printer

Practice printing your Google Doc.  Can you do it correctly the first time?

Logging off & Powering down laptops

The correct way to log off or shut down a laptop is to go to the start menu and choose log off or shut down.  If it's the end of the day, always shut down.  When in doubt, ask.

Do not hit the power button to turn off the computer.  This only puts it into sleep mode and locks it for the next person. Be Kind or it could happen to you! 

Always put laptops into cows neatly on the shelf facing the correct way plugged into the correct power cord.  This way they are ready to go for the next class to use them.