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Math: ZooBurst & Narrable

Zooburst Tutorial

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books.  It is a combination of text & images.  In the free version, you will not have access to the audio portion.

You will need to collect your images in .jpg format ina folder either on your computer or in Google Drive.  If you use Google Drive, you can share your folder with your partner! Make sure to keep track of the website where each image comes from.  Google is never the "source."  For this project, you can cite just the website url. 

Note: If you use pictures taken from the Internet, you must add an aditional slide at the end of your project titled “Resources” to list your sources.

When your project is finished, please email a copy to and


Zooburst YouTube Tutorial


To create an audio slideshow on Narrable start by uploading some pictures that you either want to talk about or have music played behind.

Pictures must be saved to a file in your network folder so you can upload the file into narrable.  You cannot copy/paste. Be sure to keep track of the locations for each photo. Again, all images must saved to a file on your computer or in Google Drive so they can be uploaded to your project. 

If you want to add text to your narrable, you will need to use PowerPoint to create slides with text. Make sure the font is big enouogh to read easily. Then, save your slides as .jpgs instead of as a PowerPoint presenation.  I can show you how to do this. Then you can upload them as pictures to your project.  

You will need to cite images you use that are not your own.  Keep track of the source for each image.  Google is never the source.

After the pictures are uploaded you can record a narration for each picture through your computer's microphone or by calling into your Narrable's access phone number. You can use Mrs. Nocita's phone.  It's quite easy! You can also upload an audio recording that is stored on your computer.

Narrable projects can be shared via email, Facebook, or by embedding them into a blog. Email a link to your presentation to and when you finish.


Narrable Rubric