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Then & Now: Digital Visual Depiction

ELA 11 Final Exam Project, Fall 2017


  1. Create a digital visual depiction of your research.

  • Select an appropriate medium (i.e., Canva, Collage, Adobe Spark Post, etc.)

  • Collect images that depict the trend as exhibited in the 1920s.

  • Collect images that depict the trend as exhibited today.

  • Arrange the images (minimum 8) in your chosen platform in such a way to illustrate the similarities and/or differences between the trends.

  • Upload your visual document to your teacher’s Canvas.

Options (not limited to these)

Create beautiful designs and professional graphics with Canva. Whether it's a photo editor, pic collage, logo, invitation or poster maker you're looking for — Canva makes graphic design easy. Canva is available on your iPhone, iPad and computer so you can create, edit and share your designs when it suits you most.

Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. Easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that make you stand out on social.

From the creators of Pic Collage, the hugely popular photo app with over 150 million downloads, comes PicCollage Kids!  There is no account required and is perfect for classroom use.  Create collages easily, save them to your device, or print them out! (*we have this on all of our iPads in the library)

Adobe Photoshop is a great option for those that already have experience.  We have Photoshop on all of the Macs and PCs in the library, so feel free to use if you know how!