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The Justice System: Home

***You will submit 3 printed items to Mrs. McCrossen by 3pm on Tuesday, November 21***

1. Notes taken in Google Docs   2.  Social Media graphic    3.  Poster

The Innocent

The Process

Day 1: Introduction (look through cases, AT LEAST 3) --> decide on ONE

Day 2:  research (click link to make a copy of the note-taking form)

Day 3: Finish research

Day 4: Begin "social media campaign"/advocacy poster

Day 5: Finish campaign and print!




You will create 2 graphics.

1.  Choose a design from the "Social Media Posts" category -- this will serve the same function as the Scottsboro Boys postage stamp.

2.  Create an infographic or detailed poster outlining your person's story, their innocence, etc.   -- you are educating me about someone I know NOTHING about.  What do I need to know?


1.  select "Download" (top right)

2.  Choose "PDF"

3.  This will download into your Downloads folder unless otherwise specified (make sure to also save it into your student folder)

4.  Print to LMC_HPCLM_652


Graphic Examples

Social Media Post: