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Ancient Achievement: Research & Calendar

Essential Quesdtion

How do we use ancient discoveries in our modern world?

Daily Calendar

Monday, Nov. 5:  Explore Topics & familiar occupations; submit requests

Tuesday, Nov. 6:  Determine topic, brainstorm questions for today's occupations, draft email, note taking lesson

Wednesday, Nov. 7:  Revisit email & send.  Note taking expectations, begin research

Thursday, Nov. 8:  Research and cite in Noodle Tools

Friday, Nov. 9:  Complete research and citations. Brainstorm/list jobs.  Draft questions.

Monday, Nov. 12:  Draft questions, resend to second connection, complete research

Tuesday, Nov. 13:  Brainstorm product ideas to compare historical and current uses, choose a method in which you are confident that you can succeed

Wednesday, Nov. 14:  Design

Thursday, Nov. 15:  Design

Friday, Nov. 16:  Complete Design

River Civilizations

Image result for river civilizations

Note Taking Expectations

  • Paraphrase (in your own words)
  • Phrases, not complete sentences
  • Bullets
  • Organize in own way
  • Use all space avaialable.