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Inventions of the Industrial Revolution (Jahn): Sample Assignment


Joe Schmoe

Mrs. Heil

Social Studies 8, Hour 2

23 September 2013

Invention: Windshield Wiper

Inventor: Mary Anderson

Patent Number: US 743,901

Patent Date: November 10, 1903

Purpose: The windshield wiper is a “window cleaning device” for motor vehicles.

Importance of the Invention: The windshield wiper, though, given little recognition, is a significant invention for driving safely during rainy and snowy weather. Without this invention, many vehicles would pose driving risks.

Interesting Facts:  The first windshield wipers were actually brushes. Inventor J. H. Apjohn created this style of windshield wiper. The wiper Mary Anderson created was a “swinging arm that swept rain off the windshield when the driver moved a lever located inside the car.” By 1913, this was considered standard equipment for cars. At this time, there weren’t electric motors, so the driver had to use one had to steer the car, and the other to move the wiper lever. They also had to manually shift gears, so it was a pretty complicated process!