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Mystery Project: Tic-Tac-Toe Directions

6th Grade (Mr. Chugg)


A.      What makes your novel a mystery? For this question you will need to research the genre of mystery, and then compare the qualities and traits you found in your novel with the qualities and traits of the mystery genre. There is information on the libguide to help you research the genre.


B.      How does the author use action or suspense in the novel? Provide at least one example and explain how this is suspenseful for the reader.

C.       Find examples in the novel of dramatic irony: when the reader knows information that the main character does not. Why would an author choose to let the reader, or audience, know something that the main character does not? Explain.

D.      What distractions and problems in the story make it difficult for the reader to solve the mystery? Provide examples and explain how the distractions lead the reader astray.


E.      Identify one non-fiction connection from the text. Research the topic using one or more sources, and list six facts you learn. Be sure to include the DATABASE source title and author you used to find each fact.

Now use the facts you found to develop a well-organized paragraph about the topic. Attach an additional sheet of paper if necessary.

*Use the Research Form on the Libguide to complete this task.


F.       What clues are revealed to reader as the mystery is solved? Provide examples in your paragraph of clues and explain how the cluesforeshadow the solution.

G.      Choose one of the main characters andanalyze how he or she changes over the course of the story. Use evidence from the beginning, middle and end of the book to support your analysis. Be sure to think about how mystery impacts the characters change.


H.      Rewrite the most important scene of the novel from the antagonist’s perspective. The antagonist is the character or force that opposes the main character. Keep the scene as close to the original as possible just retell it through the opposite perspective.


 I.        What happens next? Predict what happens after the mystery is solved.  If there was an additional chapter, what would happen?  Would a new conflict arise? Your prediction should be based directly on your understanding of the characters in the novel. Explain what happens next and why, based on the characters.