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Reader's Guide Assignment: Research

Independent reading assignment for 8th grade reading 2nd quarter


You need to summarize and cite TWO sources on THREE of your topics. You have two class periods in the lab to work on this.  The information you find should be different/more than what is already available in the book you’re reading. Use the databases on the LibGuide to guide your research.Remember:  you must paraphrase the information, or you must cite directly and correctly, in your summarization.

Citing Sources

EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

Britannica Encyclopeida

If you are accessing from home the username is bluevalleysd and the password is learn.

Student Research Center

Sirs: Issues Researcher

If you are accessing from home the username is KS0750 and the password is 66209.


Global Issues in Context

From home the username is overlandtrail and the password is remote.