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Human Body Systems Unit: Research Information

How do you as a group of health professionals raise awareness of your body system to ensure the health of future generations?


Tuesday, Oct. 16th: All access to Google Doc and Noodle Tools, Each person has one source cited

Wednesday, Oct. 17th: Submit in Canvas-1 person from each group/class

Friday, Oct. 19th: All 4 sources cited, Google Doc notes completed

Monday, Oct. 22rd: Quiz over YOUR system


*Each Team member must contribute to the note sheet.  Denote each member’s contribution by typing in a different Color.

Example: Mrs. Reid-Blue, Mr. Richards-Red, Mrs. Harvey-green

‚ÄčNotes need to be in In Your Own Words. Any statistics need to be in quotes with source in (parenthesis) behind it.

Ex. "Running regularly reduces the risks of depression by 19%" (TEAM WR).

Noodle Tools

Click below to access Noodle Tools.


Must have at least 4 sources cited:

Website-->Pull Information and plug in to the correct fields--How To Video

Database-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Book-->Use the ISBN number to import the citation--How To Video

Video--> Website-->Choose video clip born digital-->fill out the appropriate fields