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Copyright Friendly Media: Images

Images - Copyright-Friendly


Everything on the Internet is copyrighted unless noted otherwise.  It does not have to state "copyright" on the image to fall within copyright guidelines. These rules apply for educational use too.

1. Google Images*

2. Flickr*

3. Bing

4. Any website with images

5. Social media sites

However, you can use the images if you ask permission of the owner. You will need to state that you have permission.

*View how to change the settings to only view images in the creative commons.

Links to Images We CAN Use

Google Images Info

We all love looking for images with a Google Images search.  You still can - with one change.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your search term. Don't fall in love with anything that pops up yet.
  3. Click Tools and Usage Rights.

  4. Choose any of the options listed.  We suggest labeled for noncommercial reuse or reuse with modification.
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