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Titanic Research: Socratic Seminars: Choose Your Topic

Socratic Seminar: How to Defend an Argument

Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Find information on your topic using the links below or print sources in the classroom. Use the standard 5-paragraph essay format.

1) Could more people have been saved?

2) Why did the Titanic sink?

3) Who was at fault for the Titanic sinking? (Captain Smith, Guarantee Group of Harland & Wolff (shipbuilders), Bruce Ismay (Director of the White Star Line), Thomas Andrew (ship's architect), Captain Lord (Captain of Californian)

Use the following directions to set up your essay.

*Paragraph 1: Include a claim/topic sentence: Answer the question and provide a reason

*Paragraphs 2-4: Your supporting evidence: Include 3 pieces of textual evidence to support your argument. After each piece of textual evidence, explain how the evidence supports your claim.

*Paragraph 5: Your conclusion: Include a conclusion sentence that summarizes your argument.

*Don’t forget to include the opposing viewpoint: You must address the opposing viewpoint somewhere in your paper.

*Also, provide sources for your textual evidence.

Socratic Seminar #3: Who was at fault for the Titanic Sinking?

Group 3: Who was at fault for the Titanic sinking?

Anchor Article:  Titanic: Sinking the Myths by Paul Louden-Brown (2011)