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Geography Website Creation: Home

Geography Website Creation


Database Passwords

Click on the link to access all passwords. Type the database password provided by your librarians.  After school hours, send us an email.


Database Passwords

Part II

Geography Website Creation - Part II 


World Geography - ABC-CLIO

Britannica Reference Center

Britannica Young Adult

Weebly Directions

Weebly is a website creation tool (free).  Sign up for a free account and begin creating.

Details about set up and specific items

Things you can do in Weebly:

  • Add images and text
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Embed widgets from other site

When publishing to the web, all students must be ethical users of information. 

  • Locate photos and images from copyright-friendly sources
  • Provide credit to any resource including text
  • Do not include photos from a Google Image search or any other website (see earlier bullet with link to appropriate resources).
  • Use original work - upload a drawing, podcast or original video.


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