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8th Grade Global Citizenship Portfolio: Home

Welcome to Oxford Middle School!  As a foreign exchange student visiting the states, you are an ambassador for your country.  You will be asked to present information about your country and what it is like to live there. 

Noodle Tools Set Up

1. Login to Noodle Tools--username and password from last year

2. Revalidate your account using the password: smart

3. Title- Last name-Global Citizenship Portfolio

4. Share with Spanish teacher

5. Research question: Name of City and Country

6. To Do List: Add the due date of your first set of notes and citaitions

7. Cite sources before taking notes

a) Database--use the quick cite copy and paste button and copy the citation given on the database page

b) Website--manually pull and plug in the information

8. Cite all images

a) Decide if the photo is on a website or database

b) Select-Photo or Image (born digital)-Include:

Name of website (ex. National Geographic)

URL (ex.

Date-if you can-Copyright date works

Title of photo/image


What to look for:

Introduce your Country and City: 

Flag (notes-explanation and pictures)

Population (notes and pictures)

Typical weather (notes and pictures)

Geographic Features (notes and pictures)

4 Famous People (notes-explanation and pictures)

Biographical information (pictures)

Describe your family (pictures)

Likes and Dislikes (pictures)

Class Schedules - compare Oxford and your city/or country (pictures and notes)

Typical Foods and Mealtimes (notes and pictures)

Works Cited & English Notes Due by August 30th at 7:30 am in NT


Culture and Everyday Life:

Traditional clothing or dress (notes and pictures)

Celebrations (notes and pictures)

Housing-what is the typical style of housing in your city (notes and pictures)

Shopping for locals and Tourists (notes and pictures)

Things to do (notes and pictures)

Places to go (notes and pictures)

Activities and Sports (notes and pictures)

Typical Daily Routine (pictures)

Databases and Websites

Culturegrams- This is the best source to start with!!

Europe Asia Oceania North America None Africa Africa None South 


Database Passwords

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.


Photos for Class is the best source for finding generic images for your presentation.  Make sure to cite the website in Noodle Tools and download all of your images to a Spanish folders in your Google Drive.  You will have access to to your images anywhere.

City Sites


Guatemala Honduras Mexico Panamá

Guatemala City: Britannica

Tegucigalpa: Britannica

México DF: Mexico

Panama City: Britannica

Panajachel: Anywhere,   Lonely Planet

El Progreso: Britannica, Turansa

Oaxaca: All About Oaxaca, Mexico

Colón: Colon City

Nicaragua Paraguay Perú Puerto Rico

Managua: Britannica

Asunción: Britannica

Lima: Lima Easy

San Juan: San Juan

Granada: General Info

Encarnación: Britannica

Tumbes: Welcome Peru Travel,  Peru

Ponce: Welcome

Spain Uruguay Venezuela Argentina

Madrid: Britannica

Montevideo: Britannica

Caracas: Encyclopedia

Buenos Aires: Welcome Argentina


Valencia: Lonely Planet

Trinidad: Encyclopedia

Puerto La Cruz: Culture Trip

Mendoza: Welcome ArgentinaSIMA

Bolivia Chile Columbia Costa Rica

La Paz: Amazing Planet

Santiago: Trip Advisor

Bogotá: La Datco Tours

San José: Vacation San Jose


La Serena: Welcome Chile

Santa Marta: NY Times

Puerto Limón: Puerto Limon Tourist Information and Tourism

Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador

Havana: Britannica

Santo Domingo: Enforex Britannica

Quito: Huffington Post

San Salvador: Britannica

Cienfuegos: BritannicaCuba Explorer

Santiago:Snap Shot JourniesBritannica

Machala:    ​

La Libertad: Britannica, Trip Savvy

Equatorial Guinea      

Malabo: Visit Capital City


Bata:Britannica, Embassy