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Psychology NPR Podcast: Home

Psychology NPR Podcast


Voice Record Pro App 
Download | How To | Available on the Library iPads

Online Voice Recorder
Available online with Chrome browser. Click here.

Available on the library computers 
Can download for free to your home computers. Click here.



Planning Guide

1.  Determine your focus.  Click here for a planning guide.

  • What is the main idea of the module?
  • What details are needed?

2.  Set up an outline and determine each person's role.

3.  Choose to turn the outline into a script.



Be creative!

Add music at the beginning of the recording.

Create an interview, news show - really anything to make it interesting!

Gather ideas from other podcasts.



Turn it in

We suggest saving your podcast to Google Drive.  To log into Google Drive, click here.  Use your BV email and password to access.

Once you upload the items to Google Drive, log into Canvas.  Click here.

Upload the assignment to Mr. Anderson class under the corresponding Module/Assignment.

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