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Of Mice and Men: Of Mice and Men - ELA 9


Additional John Steinbeck Biography and Information

Below are photographs that were taken during The Great Depression. Scroll through the photos and take a minute to look at each one. Before answering the questions on your sheet consider what might have been happening when this photo was taken. Ask yourself, "Who are these people?", "Where are they going?", "Where did they come from?", What is happening in the photo?", "What do their expressions tell us?", "What can the background of the photos tell us about what is occurring in their world?". 


Interesting Facts

  1. "Okies" was the nickname given to the people who migrated from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl to California looking for work. Many migrant workers became known as Okies. 

  2. Only about 20% of the migrants were from Oklahoma. Others came from states such as Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. 

  3. Many migrant workers lived in ditches or small huts because wages we so low and they were constantly on the move. 

  4. Wages averaged about $300 a year for a migrant worker. 

  5. An estimated 15.5 million people were unemployed at some point during The Great Depression. 
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