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Living on a Budget: Second Level

 Level 2-Budget and Shelter

A) Develop a budget based on your income. Fill out the following document an refer to this each time you make a purchase.  Budget Doc.

B) You, as a single individual living alone or a couple (if you are married or roommates), need to find somewhere to live.  This can be a house, apartment, duplex, or condo.  You housing must be within the KC metro area. Create a Google Doc titled Last names-Shelter  and place in your shared folder.

Include the following information:  

Address, Floor plan, square footage, # of rooms, pics., amount of mortgage, insurance, and why you chose this location, and a map related to both of your work locations. 

D) Include the rent or mortgage payment in your expense register along with your insurance.

E) Communicate why you chose where you lived.


 Action Points-3-Journal #1