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Endangered/Vulnerable Species : Conservationist


As a conservationist, you work to protect animals, plants, and natural resources and to prevent the loss or waste of natural resources. With that in mind, research and prepare a document that includes the following items, specific to your endangered species. The information you collect will be used in the team presentation you will present to Congress. 

 Notes will be taken in Noodle Tools along with correct citations

 Notecard Title: Is your animal Vulnerable or Endangered? (What does this mean?)

 Notecard Title: Reasons for endangerment 

  1. Has there been a loss or change in the environment or food supply?
  2. Is the species hunted or cultivated for food or other reasons, or has it declined because of disease?
  3. There can be many reasons why a species has become threatened or endangered, some created and some because of a break-down in their life cycle.
  4. Many may cite habitat destruction, but you need to give details of why there is habitat destruction.

 Notecard Title: Timeline of endangerment

  1. Starting on the date your species was put on the IUCN list, include at least 4 major events in its conservation/preservation history

 Notecard Title: Human Importance

  1. How is your species important to humans? - ideas: economic, conservation, cultural, etc
  2.  How many are left? Use different sources to confirm the number and include a population graph
  3. Government intervention

Notecard Title: Government Intervention

  1. How have the governments where your animal resides intervened to save your species?