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Endangered/Vulnerable Species : Ecologist

Ecologist Requirements

As an ecologist, you are concerned with ecosystems as a whole, the abundance and distribution of organisms (people, plants, animals), and the relationships between organisms and their environment. With that in mind, research and prepare a document that includes the following items, specific to your endangered species. The information you collect will be used in the team presentation you will present to Congress.  

 Notes will be taken in Noodle Tools along with correct citations

Notecard Title: HABITAT

  1.  Ecosystem (Abiotic and Biotic Factors that influence the survival of the species)
  2. Geographic distribution – show all locations for the biome your animal thrives in and the location where your animal actually lives. This requires maps and explanations. 

  3. What is happening in your species habitat that has put your animal at risk. (Biotic and abiotic factors that have been modified or lost).


  1. What does the animal eat (simple food chain for your animal, role in the food web, trophic level. Is the species a predator or prey or both)?

  2. Symbiotic Relationships in Nature. 


Make sure you keep track of your sources since all information presented to Congress needs to be referenced.