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White Rose Essay: Outline and Notecards

Outline in Noodle Tools

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Outline Template

Items to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that your research paper needs to contain the following:

Using at least 3 of the documents provided, plus a minimum of 2 outside resources,  prepare an essay that addresses all parts of the following topic:

RESEARCHDescribe how and why one non-Jewish victim group experienced persecution by the Nazis. (You may choose from among the following non-Jewish victims groups: disabled Germans, Roma and Sinti (Gypsies), homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, Soviet POWs.) Explain how that persecution was experienced by one individual in that group.

REFLECTION:  Holocaust historian Dr. Michael Berenbaum stated, “The uniqueness of the Jewish experience can best be documented by comparing it with the Nazi treatment of other persecuted populations. Only by understanding the fate of other groups, detailing where it paralleled Jewish treatment and more important where it differed, can the distinctive nature of Jewish fate be historically demonstrated.” Based on your research, what is the primary parallel and the primary difference you noted between the victim group you studied and the Jewish experience?

Information provided by the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education

Exporting Outline to Word

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