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Holiday Dinner (Merritt): Home

Students will conduct research and organize what they need to create the perfect holiday meal.

Directions for Holiday Dinner

It’s time for the holidays and you are preparing a holiday dinner for twenty people (the class). The meal will include: one main dish, four side dishes and two desserts. For this project, you are going to be assigned the type of dish your group will be in charge of, figure how much of each ingredient you will need to make enough to feed twenty people, and how much the dish will cost. Your work should be organized and put into a folder, and you will need to put together a three minute presentation to share your dinner ideas with the class.


Day 1

Before preparing the meal, you have to know what you are going to make and how many people it will feed. Please write down the recipes for: (which one you are assigned to.) Do not print. Assign people in your group to write it down on a piece of notebook paper. Put these recipes in your group folder.

1.  Three side dishes                ________ 5 points each


2.  Three desserts                   ________ 5 points each

Day 2

After choosing the recipes, figure how much of each ingredient you would need to make enough for each part of the meal for twenty people. For each recipe, show your work and figure how much of each ingredient you need to feed twenty people. Write your work on a separate piece of paper and put it in your group’s folder.

_____________ 50 points

Day 3

Now that you know how much you need, you will have to buy the supplies. Assuming that you have none of the supplies when you start to bake, write down a list of supplies. Make a list for all ingredients needed to make the dinner. Include in the list the name of the ingredient, amount in the container, and the price of each container. Write on a piece of notebook paper and put it in your group’s folder.

_____________ 10 points

You don’t want to buy way too much or too little of an item. So before you go to the store to stock up on the items, figure how many containers of each ingredient you will need to buy. Make a list of each ingredient and how many containers, or bags, you will need to buy to have enough to complete the meal.

_____________ 20 points

Day 4

Now that you know how many containers of each ingredient you will need to buy, you can figure out how much the meal will cost you. Using the price list from earlier, figure how much the entire meal will cost you to make. Make sure to include a 8.0% sales tax.

_____________ 30 points

You are given $20.00 to make your side dish or dessert. If that is all you have, how much money do you have left over, or how much more money would you need to buy all the supplies? If you need more money you will have to convince your bank (Mrs. Merritt) to allow you to use more money. If you need to convince the bank to give you more money you need to write it down and put it in your group’s folder.

_____________ 5 points

Total Points: ______/130