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OMS Homepage: 3D Printing

OMS Library Book Ideas

Ready to submit your design?

Fill out this form and attach the file you'd like us to print. Please include your first initial and last name in your file name. The file must be in STL format.

So if Mrs. Anne Harvey wanted to submit a file, it would look like this: AHarveyFile.stl

Also, when you're asked to log in, use your school login (just like you use to log into a school computer).

Click this link to submit your file.

Useful Links


Use Tinkercad if you're ready to start building a model from scratch.


Thingiverse has thousands of pre-made models you can download and print immediately.

Wrap Text in Tinkercad

This video walks you through adding text around a circular object.

Welcome to 3D Printing

3D Printer

OMS Knight

How does it work?

Courtesy of Aubrey Bend Middle School, take a look at this graphic to see how the 3D printing process works!


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