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Gorilla Glass

D 3O

Notecard Requirements

Include at least 6 detailed note cards on each category:

1.  Physical Characteristics (color, odor, hardness, strength, melting & boiling point, malleability, conductivity, etc.)

2.  Impact on society & why it's important

3.  Uses

4.  How it is made and /or began

5.  Advantages

6. Limitations/Disadvantages (cost, environmental impact, decomposition rate, are there natural resources to make it, etc.)


Assignment & Calendar

Task:  Your assignment is to research a synthetic material and make it the

Synthetic Superhero of the Year!

Show its strength and power Comic Book Style!

Monday, 11/26--Introduction, topic selection, find resources 

Tuesday, 11/27--Research & cite

Wednesday, 11/28--Research--finish research for homework

Thursday, 11/29--Create Superhero in .  Snip & save link in email or Google Drive

Friday, 11/30--Upload link in Heromachine and finish superhero.  Snip superhero and save as .jpg, upload .jpg in Google Drive.

Monday, 12/6--Begin Comic Book app.

Tuesday, 12/7--Comic Book

Wednesday, 12/8--Comic Book

Thursday, 12/6--Begin Google Slides. 

Friday, 12/7-- Google Slides & Turn in Project


Learning Targets

1.  I can gather and evaluate information to descibe how syntheitc materials come from natural resources.

2.  I can evaluate how synthetic materials impact human society.

3.  I can identify and describe physical characteristics of synthetic materials.

4.  I can research information and summarize it in my own words.

5.  I can use and cite sources in Noodle Tools.

6.  I can apply technology to my learning in a new way.

Resources & Samples

This project was originally created at Pleasant Ridge Middle school by Ms. Kelly Utley and 8th grade science teachers.  Use the link below for resources and samples.  THANK YOU to PRMS for sharing your ideas.

Click here for resources and samples.

Super Hero Creator  

Tutorial:  Creating and saving in Hero Machine

Tutorial:  Prepare for Comic Book

Tutorial:  How to Use Comic Book App

Farris:  How to turn in your Comic Strip